2022-09-15 11:25Press release

Örebro Region is getting ready for drone transports

Örebro region is now a full member of “Urban Air Mobility Initiative” and has also signed the UIC2 manifesto, which means that we support that the ownership of the planning of the lower air space shall be delegated to the public sector. Also the city of Örebro has signed the manifesto.

The Urban-Air-Mobility Initiative Cities Community (UIC2), is one of the platforms within the The Urban-Air-Mobility Initiative Cities Community (UIC2), of the EU's Smart Cities marketplace, was established in October 2017. UIC2 is acting upon the needs communicated from the cities and the regions within this rapidly growing sector.

Commercial drones are as of today in a relatively small scale and one of the challenges is regulatory. Traffic suspends in the lower air space and thereby has an immediate effect on the city environment. Most of the ongoing projects nationally today are testbeds or pilots. Örebro region which is in the centre of the Nordics now wants to contribute to better conditions for commercial drones and for the actors to have access to a permanent planned lower air space.

-We need to act and provide some predictability and create clear conditions for the actors that are now only waiting to get started. Drones is no longer a question for the future, it’s a question of today, says Dino Keljalic Strategist for regional Infrastructure at Region Örebro

A workforce consisting of Örebro Region, Örebro University, Örebro Airport and Business Region Örebro is working with prerequisites for the last mile as well as solutions for long distance drones. To have a planned lower air space is a necessity. But who holds the responsibility to plan the very same airspace is unclear as of today. To enter membership with the UIC2 really makes a statement as of where we do believe such a responsibility should be, just like any other infrastructure.

-This is to get ready for the future commercialisation of transports. We are thrilled by the highly ambitious project we are now taking on, but also about the fact that we are making it a common issue for society at large, that’s where these issues belong in our opinion, says Mikael Smedberg CEO of Örebro Airport.

-This is one of several steps that we have planes in order to facilitate the commercialisation of drones. For the region to take this step is a consequence of long-term determination and collaboration for which we are very happy and proud. It fits well with our investment promotion work, says Victor Sunnliden, Head of investment promotion at Business Region Örebro.

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